Redmond Adoptable Cats

Here you’ll find the cats who are currently available for adoption at our Redmond store. Each store has cats for adoption, but Redmond’s adoption kennels are permanent, meaning that we never need to foster out those cats, and they get to peaceably live at our Café until a family takes them home.

Kirkland has 6 “as available” kennels, and Redmond has 9 permanent kennels, and it’s only a 10 minute drive between the two. So, if you’re looking for a lovely kitty to add to your home, consider visiting with each location! We hope you find a kitty to adopt soon, even if it’s not with us.

Longest Tenure

This is the cat who’s been here the longest. (There can be a tie for this accolade if the cats arrived on the same day.) Typically, if this cat has been here for at least a month, they’ve been passed over at least twice already. These cats still need and could do well in a home, but they just haven’t found their perfect home yet. Usually, the harder to place cats are black, older, or have a major ailment.

Black cats have a hard time because some people are still superstitious or consider solid black to be a “boring color.”

Older cats have a hard time because major pet food has people convinced that 7 years old is a senior, making them worry that anyone 7 or older won’t be with them very long. Cats are now living 15-22 years, and the age of a senior is actually closer to 12-14 years of age. On canned and raw food, cats can be kept healthy and youthful for most of those years.

Cats with major ailments have a harder time getting adopted because of the extra care that typically goes into taking care of them, but a lot of major ailments can be controlled with diet, making the need for pills less and less. When pills are needed, we have a whole bag of tricks for getting kitties to take their medicine, and when all else fails, we can either demonstrate pilling a cat manually and/or see if there’s a different method of receiving that medication for that particular medicine.

Oldest Home Seeker

This is the cat who’s the oldest. (There can be a tie for this accolade if the cats share a birthday, typically by being litter mates, but sometimes just by best-guess-of-age being the same.)

Kirkland and Redmond each have their own holders for these accolades, but most of the time, the true Longest Tenure or true Oldest Home Seeker will be hosted at Redmond because of the way our adoptions program works. When a cat has been on site at Kirkland for over 2 months, they get put on a transfer list for Redmond as soon as a spot opens up. Cats over 12 years are preferentially hosted at Redmond due to the permanent situation of the kennels there.


Pepper – 17 years old, DSH Tortoiseshell
​Seeking a home since February 12th
*Oldest Home-Seeker*

Learn More about Pepper!

Pepper was originally surrendered to RASKC on December 24th, 2017 because she prefers to be pet on her own terms. As a cat who is “advanced in years,” she can be particular about what places and when she wants to be petted, and she’s not shy about voicing her opinions if you’re too rough or too much for her. Her least favorite places to be pet are her back and hind end. Unfortunately, because she’s front declawed, “voicing her opinion” can sometimes mean that she will be a little forceful about telling you no.

Even with being 17 years old, though, she’s very spry and juicy. She could easily pass for a cat half her age with how talkative and sweet she can be, but because of her opinionated nature, she would likely do best in a home with older children or no children.

In addition to being declawed, Pepper is borderline kidney disease (only being borderline at her age is pretty good nowadays!), so she’ll need to be on canned and/or raw food to maintain her health. Any canned or raw food will do, but human-grade quality without grains or fillers would do her the most good. Her teeth aren’t in perfect condition, as well, and the shelter thinks she’ll likely need a cleaning at some point in the next year or two, but her age makes anesthesia risky, so they’ll leave it up to the new family to decide with their vet what treatment plan to go with.


Mocha – 16 years old, DLH Tabby
​Seeking a home since February 26th

Learn More about Mocha!

Mocha is an older gal with the youngest disposition. From her health to her mellow, loving manner, Mocha could easily pass for a 4-year-old cat. She’s a big sweetheart looking for a soft place to land with plenty of affection to be handed out. She also loves being brushed. She’s looking for a home because her human lost his job and had to move to a place that wouldn’t allow him a cat. She’d only lived with him for 4 years, but the previous rescue didn’t provide records of her life before that. Her recent blood work came back immaculate, and she loves her canned food, so we wouldn’t be surprised for her to have many more happy years with her new family. Mocha’s birthday is coming up on April 10th, when she’ll be celebrating her 17th birthday.


13 years old, DSH Orca
​Seeking a home since January 7th

Learn More about Shenni!

Shenni is looking for her third ever home after her most recent family had to come to terms with the fact that Shenni just does not want to live with other cats. The only other family Shenni had gave her up because of allergies to her. She was unfortunately declawed by her first family, and so Shenni tends to have a short temper in chaotic environments, but while she was with her most recent family, they reported that her only aggressive episodes were directed at the other cats. Shenni tends to settle into places easily and take over quickly. When she has her person all to herself, she is the sweetest, funniest, most affectionate cat, and her favorite toy ever is Da Bird. Because of her temperament, she would likely be happiest in a home without children or other pets.

Shenni has early hyperthyroidism, and because she hates being pilled, she receives her medication transdermally through the skin of her ears. Even with medication, her energy level has her eating more than a standard cat her size, usually 6 ounces of commercially made raw food morning and night, sometimes with 3 ounces of variety canned for lunch.


12 years old, DSH Tabby
​Seeking a home since December 19th

Learn More about Loki!

Loki was originally surrendered to RASKC back at the end of April because his family was moving. He has a history of getting over-stimulated by a lot of handling and noise, so he might do best in a home without young children, but he has lived with kids in the past who just learned how to approach him. When he’s allowed to do his own thing, he will come up to people and get lovings and rest on laps, but when he’s had too much, he can get spicy.

He’s very treat- and toy-motivated, and usually, the presentation of freeze-dried chicken is enough to end a grumbly bout. Loki has a recent history of IBD, but it’s under testing to see if it’s true IBD or just stress-related gastroenteritis. When he was turned in, the previous family said he had a history of struvite crystals, but under the shelter’s care and our care, he’s had no signs while on wet food. Because of these two majorly diet-linked ailments, Loki would need to go to a home willing to feed 100% canned and raw foods.

Samantha Jane

12 years old, DSH Orange Tabby
​Seeking a home since February 20th

Learn More about Samantha Jane!

Samantha Jane was relinquished to CVAS because her family didn’t know how to cope when she vehemently opposed the addition of two new cats into the home. She was so scared for her place in the home and for her survival that she was guarding the litter box from her new housemates. This is an unfortunate and completely avoidable situation that, due to lack of education and resources, led this sweet, friendly lap cat to be relinquished. Since she entered the shelter, she’s been perfect in her litter box habits. Regardless of this previous history, with a proper slow introduction, Samantha Jane could very likely be integrated with other cats. Samantha Jane is a bit overweight and unfortunately declawed. Nothing can really be done for the declaw until she starts to show side effects, but her weight will likely be normalized with a simple switch onto canned food.


10 years old, DSH Black
​Seeking a home since March 12th

Learn More about Forest!

Forest, lovingly nicknamed Forest Grump, is a shy little old lady in need of a calm, understanding home to allow her to come out of her shell. She has a healing wound on her side, for which the fur was shaved, so she might be less sensitive once that’s had a chance to fully heal. The wound was already partially healed when she arrived, so the wound could have been just about anything, including a bite from another animal or an abscess that healed weirdly. Forest seems to pick people she likes and allows them to quietly pet her for a little while, but if she gets spooked, she has been known to swat.

Baby Love

9.5 years old, OSH Orange Tabby
​Seeking a home since February 16th

Learn More about Baby Love!

Baby Love is seeking a home due to a severe pica that his previous owner couldn’t solve over their nine and a half years together. He’s shown dramatic improvement in our care, but there are still a lot of worries with sending him home, since he seems to still have interest in fabric and foam when he’s left with a foamy bed overnight. In his recent blood work, he does seem to have a little bit of liver damage, likely from the long-term ingestion of fabrics, which do contain chemicals and dyes. Baby Love is also fairly underweight. As an Oriental Shorthair, he’s supposed to be a little bony, but he’s not supposed to be this bony.

The treatment plan for each of his three conditions essentially all boil down to feeding him more clean foods. He needs to be eating at least 15 ounces of wet food per day, more would be great while he’s still behaving as if he’s starving because he’s trying to get back up to a healthy resting weight (no more than 9 oz per sitting to avoid regurgitation), but he very specifically needs to avoid the empty calories that are dry food kibble. Dry kibble will not add to his diet in any way and could very well make his condition worse. When he gets back up to weight, he may still need to eat a lot because he’s a purebred Oriental Shorthair, who have a significantly higher muscle mass than your standard house cat, but exactly how much will be trial and error.  

Baby Love is shy in this environment, but he was very active and very loving in the home, hence the earning of his name. He’ll likely need a slow introduction into a home, but he’s lived with cats before and seemed to do alright with them.


8 years old, DSH Orange Milk Tabby
​Seeking a home since January 30th

Learn More about Hobbs!

Hobbs was taken in as a rescue after his owner passed away a little under a year ago. He is friendly with everyone and very affectionate, loves to be petted and brushed, and enjoys string toys. Hobbes was unfortunately declawed on the front, so he’ll need to be indoor-only, and a blood test about 6 months ago revealed that he’s in the very, very early stages of kidney disease, which means that he’d do best on a canned and raw diet to keep that from progressing. The staff at The Whole Cat and Kaboodle have seen that raw food that has no veggie in it has been able to halt kidney disease in most cats and even buy back kidney function in a few.


8 years old, DLH Gray Tabby
​Seeking a home since January 14th

Learn More about Tommy!

Tommy was relinquished to a feral cat sanctuary, Feral Care, though he’s very sweet and seems to have never been feral. He was picked specifically for his temperament to try to find a home to make room at Feral Care for kitties who are actually feral and who actually have to be there. He’s been nothing but sweet and mellow since arrival, but he seems to be scared of most children, so he would likely do best in a home with calm, older children, mild dogs, or other cats. Tommy has some pending issues with his teeth, which may or may not end up with him needing another dental. Pending his reaction to treatments and trying to save his teeth, he is not yet able to go home with a family, but he’s still accepting applications.


1 year old, DSH Torbie
​Seeking a home since February 26th

Learn More about Annabelle!

Annabelle was found stray back in January, and after a long hunt for Lost Cat posters and a family missing her, Annabelle’s foster mom has decided that it’s time for Annabelle to find a home. Annabelle is very high energy, and she would love a home with a lot of activity. She’s still a little uncertain about being picked up or held, and she can be hit-or-miss with cats, but she seems to have no fear of large dogs in the foster home, even if they bark at her.

She has serious interest in going outside, so she would be a good candidate for leash-training, going for walks, and a catio, but she will need to be watched around exterior doors for escaping on her own. Her home shelter very specifically is looking for an indoor-only home for Annabelle because she was found stray and was likely lost by her previous family when she got outside.

Her favorite toy is da Bird, and she’s very food-motivated. She has a history of digging in trash cans and breaking into cupboards for additional food, even human food, so training and precautions may be necessary. As a 1-and-a-half-year-old, which still isn’t quite fully grown, her metabolism is still likely extremely high, so she does need to be eating a lot of food, just preferably not out of the garbage can. The average cat starts to see their metabolism even out around 2-2.5 years of age, at which point they should be eating about an ounce per pound of bodyweight per day, split into two meals.


7 months old, DSH Black
​Seeking a home since March 12th

Learn More about Athalie!

Athalie is a feral rescue still looking for someone who can help her to believe that people aren’t so bad. She was adopted out to a family last month at the main shelter for RASKC in Kent, but the family had to bring her back, citing that a member of the household had turned out to be allergic. From behavioral assessments that the shelter did, she has a history of allowing limited petting before getting nervous and starting to hiss or growl. So far, she has been completely non-aggressive.

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