Café Cocoa

Since the first iteration of The Whole Cat and Kaboodle came into existence, Nancy has wanted to include a cat café in what we have to offer. In early 2017, we had a return on an adoption from late the previous year: The cat had cancer. With two young children in the family, it was now the tough choice between the pain of having to give up a cat or the pain of watching the cat waste away. That cat was Cocoa, only 8-years-old.

Cocoa lived with us for nearly 4 months before succumbing to her disease. She was the happiest cat through it all. The day she left us was the day we signed the lease for our new store. In her memory, we’ve decided to name the café for her.

Open Monday-Friday 10 – 6, Saturday-Sunday 10 – 5
The Whole Cat and Kaboodle Redmond
8103 161st Ave NE, Redmond, WA

Adoptable Seniors

Although Cocoa was not a senior, we believe that the best way to honor her memory is to use the cat café to help only those who are in the most need of our help: senior cats. Senior cats have a hard time getting adopted because families don’t want to get attached just to lose them in a few years, because they don’t play as much any more, or because they have health issues.

​To counter those points, cats are now living 18-22 years, but the year they’re a senior depends on who you talk to. Some are harsh enough to claim they’re seniors at 7, but we think of senior as a state of health. All some senior surrenders need is a visit to the vet or a change in diet to become kitten-like again. And, most of the health issues that we’ve seen in cats over the years can be eased, halted, or reversed by nutrition! Most of the “senior” cats we’ve gotten in for adoption still play, and when they’re not as keen on playing, they’re still some of the most affectionate cats you could ever hope to meet. No matter how friendly or playful, though, double digit ages tend to scare people off from giving these lovely cats homes, so we’ll be prioritizing intakes for the café for the oldest of our roster.

Guest Starring

We’ll also likely end up hosting the occasional hospice cat or non-senior adoptable cat. Hospice cats differ from senior cats in that they are a cat who’s necessary care is too great for a normal adoption, so the shelter has offered to cover the medical bills of the cat after adoption. It’s very uncommon, but if they need us, we’ll be available to them as a kennel while they seek a family to care for them.

Some of the non-senior adoption cats will be cats who have been at the Kirkland location for 2 months or more looking for a home. This happens very infrequently, but a change of scenery and a new group of faces will help improve their chances of getting adopted. Other non-senior adoption cats will be those who have special needs or who might have a harder time getting adopted.

Admission Cost

$10 per hour. If you decide to hang out with the cats for multiple hours, you can do so, and during times when we’re not busy, staying longer without additional donation might be permitted but is not guaranteed. If it gets busy, those who have been in the Café over an hour without paying for the additional time will be asked to leave to make room.

Groups of 5 or greater need to book in advance to make sure of space. The room can be reserved for private events; call for details. Reservations cannot  be made online or via email. Please, check in 5 minutes before your reservation. Your place cannot be guaranteed if you are late for your reservation.

Coffee and Drinks

The coffee and tea in the café will be self-serve and by donation, via Keurig. All donations will keep the café going, including keeping the adoption cats fed and in good health and keeping the doors open. Outside food and drinks encouraged. Visit any of the food or coffee places in the plaza and bring food and receipt for $3 off admission to the Café.

Liability Waiver

Each and every time a guest enters the café, they will need to sign a liability release waiver. Cats come naturally equipped with claws, teeth, and an aptitude for knocking things off any surface. None of our cats will be sedated, declawed, or have their teeth removed by us unless it is for a medical reason. The café is their home until they find a permanent one, so while we want to make it feel like home to our guests, we have to err to the side of caution.