Who are We and What Makes Us Different?

At The Whole Cat and Kaboodle, we offer services, products, and consultations to help create the best, most rewarding relationships between cats and their humans. We seek to be a resource where people can get their questions answered about cat health, nutrition, and behavior. You will discover that The Whole Cat and Kaboodle is dedicated to fostering a better understanding of the world from the perspective of the cat, and we have built our business around that mission.

Who are we

For instance, did you know that …

…the reason cats groom themselves comes from their survival instinct? Cats are prey animals (although we normally think of them as predators) and a clean kitty is an “invisible” kitty to predators.

…Or that cats on an all dry diet are 10% more dehydrated than cats eating a canned or raw diet? This dehydration leaves the cat feeling like they’re hungover and will affect behavior. At just 5% dehydration, we start seeing symptoms like confusion and disorientation.

…Or that cat sleep all day in order to amass energy for the hunt? Not providing play (hunt) opportunities for your cat can create restlessness, depression, and aggression.

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So why does my kitty:

Wake me up at 3 A.M.?
Pee on my bed?
Drink out of the sink?
Sleep all day?
Lash out at me?
Beat up other cats?
Weigh so much?
Claw my furniture?
Have such a stinky litter box?
Make me sneeze?
Reject new foods?
Poop outside of the box?
Bury uneaten food?
Throw up?

Who are we? Well, come on in!

Come on in and we will answer the question, solve the problem, dispel the myth, unravel the mystery – and together we will move towards making it all better!