We use powdered eggshell in all of our products. Powdered eggshell contains calcium carbonate, which is highly bio-available like calcium phosphate, found in bone. Powdered eggshell also contains other trace minerals nutrients that are found in ground bone.

Here are a couple of reasons why we made the choice to use powdered eggshell instead of ground-in bone:

#1) Many people and veterinarians have serious concerns about feeding raw ground bones. Ground bone is challenging for a cat’s digestive system. We agree that this may by okay for some cats with normal, healthy digestion, cats with sluggish digestive systems or with IBD/IBS might have problems digesting bone shards. You are a better judge as to the value of bones in your cat’s diet. That is why we recommend feeding bones in the natural condition a cat might find it – whole and chewable! You are at the mercy of the manufacturers on the size of bone shards in their grind. In a typical ‘kill’ for your backyard carnivore, he or she would most likely consume far less bone than is in a typical serving of food with bone ground in, which can be 10-15%.

#2) It is difficult to guarantee the ratio of bone to meat unless every bone ground is exactly the same size. We have chosen to use powdered eggshell so that we can closely regulate the calcium and phosphorus content in our diets, which is so important for cats.

#3) Many cats suffer from constipation when consuming raw, ground bone on a regular basis. In order to maintain a proper calcium:phosphorus ratio, diets with ground bone can contain upwards of 10% bone, which is troublesome for many cats.

#4) Powdered eggshell contains far less phosphorus than ground bone, which can make it a better option for cats with renal issues. Many veterinarians often suggest cats with kidney disease eat diets with less than 1% phosphorus. All of our diets are .9% or less. Eliminating bone from our formulations also reduces the ash content, which can greatly benefit cats with urinary tract issues.