At The Whole Cat and Kaboodle we offer services, products and consultations to help create the best, most rewarding relationships between cats and their humans. We seek to be a resource where people can get their questions answered about cat health, nutrition, and behavior.

“I cannot begin to express how much I love the Whole Cat & Kaboodle. Nancy is literally the cat whisperer! She has helped my family for years with our elderly cats, so it was an easy choice for my fiancé and I to visit her when we were ready to adopt a kitten last summer.”


Our grooming is drug-free, and our staff keep the kitties calm and distracted while we work.


Let your kitty play with us at The Whole Cat and Kaboodle! With plenty of food, fun, and attention.


This service is coming soon to The Whole Cat and Kaboodle to help create the best relationship between cats and their humans.

Café Cocoa

Come join our cuddly guests for a cup of coffee!
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Fat Cat? Finicky Cat? Naughty Cat?
We Can Help.

Our mission is to transform the relationship that people have with their cats by teaching them how to see and understand the world from the cat’s perspective and to provide the tools to make that happen.

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